A one-of-a-kind amazing journey in Japan

Japan Shopping Experience

Japan has always been on my top "wish list"  travel destinations.

On August finally... this wish has come true !

Here I'd love to share few special tips and images of places, people, unique artisans and handcrafts for a memorable shopping& lifestyle experience!

While Tokyo’s Ameyokocho is the best place to buy some of the world’s outstanding denim products, almost none of it is produced there. In fact, most Japanese denim comes from an area far-removed from the nation’s capitol city; the distant prefecture of Okayama
Over 100 family-run indigo and dyeing factories operate in Okayama-ken. The majority of them are clustered in Kurashiki small city.  Within Japan, Kurashiki-shi is famous for its denim production.

Especially notable are two local brands: the world-reknown Momotaro brand as well as Eternal.
Kurashiki’s district is well-suited to be the denim capital of Japan, as it has been a center for textile production since the days of the samurai.

Interestingly, it is also responsible for producing 70% of Japan’s school uniforms, making it the main source of clothing for youth at both work and play.
This has been a very special find while visiting Kurashiki: a local brand Graph Zero which produces denim fabric from the spinning phase to the final making product and only sells in their own,local cute store. As Beyond Florence philosophy is to support local brands and artisans... I had no other choise than shopping unique denim items for the whole family!

Kyoto is the center of Kimono culture in Japan. Everywhere you look, both Japanese and international tourists can be seen parading proudly around the former ancient capitol in a variety of colourful Kimonos on a daily basis. 

In Japanese culture various aspects of Kimono attire can also be worn to communicate ones level of social status, maturity and wealth.

Classic or contrasting, modern or vintage, elaborate or minimalist, anything goes, and every kimono is worn with a sense of pride and appreciation.
I couldn’t believe how popular the Kimono was in Kyoto was and felt so giddy observing and photographing the wide and beautiful diversity of designs on display everyday.

And Kimono is back in Fashion for this coming winter ! Stunning piece ( especially the shorter version) to mix with minimalist tops and turtle necks, an elegant silk over layer top which goes with long dresses, or even a fashionable alternative to a formal evening jacket !

Tokyo's seemingly never-ending sprawl is a marvel, the ultimate city in which to get lost and enjoy local hospitality in izakayas, before quiet contemplation in hidden temples.

Here we had the chance to stay in a residential area in a suburb called Nakameguro.

Despite it doesn't feature the typical neon-futuristic skyline of the metropolis here you can get a difference experience in terms of " shopping as a local" . Along a quite canal lined by cherry trees, there is a wide range of small boutiques ,from ladies and men’s clothing, home wares, books and stationery, trendy shops for their beloved pets, too !

The interiors of each store are incredibly designed, with a spattering of some amazing artworks. Most of the products are made locally, which makes them difficult to find anywhere else!

They are displayed as though they are in a gallery.
I literally popped into every single store in Nakameguro, as they are all so different and beautiful.

Japan is truly ... beyond any shopping experience !



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