tailor made Florence

The beauty of a custom-made creation is its imperfection
which symbolizes timeless quality

elegance and glamour

custom made Florence

Custom made treasures

Nowadays, we run instead of walk, we produce, consume and reproduce voraciously. For years, consumers have chosen quantity over quality, always wanting more. The truth is that “less is more” and therefore the focus needs to be on the level of excellence of the products that we desire.

My approach is oriented around a custom-made service that I refer to as “slow shopping”. This is ideal for those who choose to listen and observe at a slow pace and have the ability and patience to see an object as a work of art. It takes time to create something beautiful, something of high quality that’s tailored to meet personal specifications.

talor made shirts Florence

This service introduces you to the “artists” who are the real masters behind the making of your “works of art” whatever they may be. Whether you’re looking for a special occasion dress, handmade shoes, jewelry or personalized perfume, we can assure you that they’ll be tailor made in every way to fit you and your needs.

talor made shirts Florence
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